Saturday, November 12, 2016

IBOM has BOMBED. Now What will You DO?!?

Well, how about this new development. Does this come as a surprise that IBOM has been shut down from the inside for restructuring?

As of July 4th, 2015,IBOM has shut down and all the depositors need to restructure their accounts or lose them. I have lost mine.

I really don't mind because, to my mind, there is nothing to lose. After offering billions of BVK to anyone who could show me how to convert any amount of BVK to any other international currency and NO ONE came forward, I can only determine that there is no value whatsoever in any amount of BVK. Billions of BVK are of no value to anyone so what value would there be in one or a million BVK?

Anyone who is foolish enough to have any dealings with any bank organized by any self-proclaimed king of Bougainville is a fool indeed. Hopefully the fool learns and does not repeat the mistake anywhere else in the world.

I am not going to have anything further to so with Bougainville unless I happen to be world hopping and want to stop in on a beautiful island in the south Pacific. I'll buy some of the local currency and spend it on the island. Other than that, God Bless Bougainville and her residents. Goodbye.

As for Financial Hope, I'll be suggesting real world ideas I have learned that have made me thousands of dollars.

The first idea I'll suggest is an easy one that will get anyone started. That idea is this:

START SAVING MONEY NOW. This is a savings fund that you never spend until you turn 75 years old. You might decide to start spending at age 65 but, considering how old you might be right now and how old you likely will be when you die, I like to think of health really beginning to decline at age 80-85 which means you will begin really spending your money fast due to health issues. Therefore you will need a large amount in the pot in order to be safe up to the age of your death. That is why I propose keeping the pot growing that extra 10 years.

The Law of Compounding really does it's miraculous work in the last few years.  You need, really, at least 30-40 years before you need to start diminishing the principle. If you have enough in the pot even if you are only getting 8% the interest will keep you flush and not required to work in order to live. If you have to start drawing from the principle too soon there will ultimately be nothing left by the time you would have to or want to turn it over to someone else.

At some point everyone turns his assets over to the next generation. You remember hearing about Mr. Trump, the billionaire? When he died, his family was asked how much he left behind. His wife tactfully replied, "All of it."

And that's 'bout it. Then there was his will. When his children sat before the attorney for the reading of the will, he smiled and read, "I, Donald J. Trump, being of sound mind and body, I spent (and enjoyed) all of my money while I was alive. I urge all of my children to do the same: earn lots and spend it doing good for other people."

This is not a discourse on D.J. Trump. It's a laugh and a hope you consider the words of John D. Rockefeller who said something like, "I believe it is my duty to make money and use it for the benefit of my neighbors. This is what my conscience tells me." Using your money to bless others can be done, of course, by spending your money, buying their services, allowing them to work for you and giving a generous tip. You'll leave very happy people who will be very happy to make you happy again. Now, that's a good capitalist process.

So, here is the idea for Financial Hope for Everyone:

Start a Smart, Sound, Stable and Secure Saving System. Take a TITHE.
  • Start Saving Now so that you will be able to bless other people's lives by purchasing their services when you are older and no longer working for your living. 
  • The First Rule of Savings: Every Dollar you earn puts a Dime in your Retirement Fund. You give a dime to God, right? So give a dime to yourself. If everyone else can't live on 80% of your earnings, they better tighten their belts! 10% goes to God, 10% goes to you. God will help you.
  • Don't spend ANY of it until you are 75. This is not your emergency fund. It is your SAVINGS fund. It is your golden goose you are growing; DON'T kill your Golden Goose ( unless you are dying).
  • The Second Rule of Savings: Risk is to be eliminated. DON'T LOSE YOUR MONEY TO RISK. Protect your money. It is not to be risked. Completely VET every investment. Remove all risk possible to remove. In so doing you can still get guaranteed 18% and more. I am doing it. You can too.
  • Make it FUN. Learn to protect and grow the fund HOWEVER you might spend a small portion of the INTEREST the principles earns as you invest as a reward for growing the fund, but only a small amount. Earn $100, take your sweetie to a discount movie and a milkshake (maybe popcorn). GROW THE FUND WITH FUN.
There is the First Idea of Financial Hope. Start today. Open up your Internet right now. Start a separate saving account, a separate bank or stock trading account. This is not just a partition account from your main account. This is a totally separate online bank or other financial organization that is safe and protected.

Start an automatic withdrawal to go to your chosen savings account. Make the amount small enough that it won't hurt when it is withdrawn. Forget it for a while, like 6 months. When you check it you will be very excited. Now you have more tools to work with.

Do not use this money for your education, even your financial education. If you do you won't have anything to work with when you get your education! Use your 'spending money' to pay for your financial education, such as the $37, $49, $79, $99 per year newsletters. There are many to choose from. Check out and sign up for ezines and e-letters from groups such as Oxford Club, Agora, Bill Bonner, or Porter Stansberry. Just search for Financial Newsletters and vet them. Check 'em out. Learn, learn, learn.

Many, many men and women started out with literally pennies and the will to work and ended up experts, well off and well known because of  what they had - ability to read, learn and apply and nothing more. If they did it YOU CAN, TOO.

That is all there is to success: learn and apply. Apply, fail, re-apply, succe-fail, adjust and re-apply, succeed, re-apply, Succeed, adjust and re-apply, SUCCEED. "Rinse and Repeat for better results."

There you have it. Forget IBOM. It was a bomb. Now, with a great open-it mine opened up from the blast you might find your ore. Go mining and start saving.

God Bless.
I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Is IBOM still alive and kicking ... and are people still getting their financial teeth kicked out?

According to my understanding IBOM is still "alive and kicking". According to its website,, I quote:

The International Bank of Me'ekamui [IBOM] is a National and International bank located on Bougainville Islands.

IBOM operates Bougainville's lawful & sovereign currency the Bougainville Kina [BVK].

Information about the applicable valid situation regarding IBOM based on Bougainville's Supreme Law regarding all monetary areas, the Constitutional & International Banking Law, endorsed by King David Peii II, can be found on the website

It is questioned that the BVK is truly a lawfully sovereign currency of the island of Bougainville. To my thinking, if it were lawful currency SOMEONE would have contacted me with some plan by which s/he would get the billions of BVK I have offered. Surely some business person would have kicked down the doors of the IBOM Support in order to gain access to the billions of BVK I want to give them. We are talking BILLIONS of BVK here. Certainly someone in Bougainville or the surrounding islands would know how to convert BVK into Chinese yuan, Japanese Yen, Australian dollars, PNG Kina, or gold something of the like if the BVK is truly an internationally accepted currency. Don't you think?

Well, folks, IT ISN'T. 


The Bougainville Kina, the BVK, is less than a fiat currency, it is a fraudulent, fictional proposal of a currency that has been used to defraud hopeful innocents out of their hard earned or otherwise accumulated money. 

Mose certainly, however innocently the current perpetrators of this fraud may have begun, they now know their actions are not going to profit anyone except themselves. That is all there is to it. Investors will not get their promised interest nor will they get their  initial investment back. All will be lost and any attempt to get their investment back will be be answered by either silence or lies or threats. 

How do I know? By my own experiences and those of others. 

Frankly, it is now 2:05 am, USA Mountain Time, and I am tired and ready to retire. I'll clearly tell my story and touch upon the stories of others I know of who have lost tens of thousands of dollars and other currencies to the promises and hopes of fantastic returns offered by IBOM and other organizations in league with "the scammers", as they are proclaimed to be by my internet friend, MACE, who also lost a large amounts of his investment and that of several friends who he innocently convinced to invest with IBOM. He is now very angry and anxious to shut down the scam and bring the perpetrators to justice.

I'll put what I have in writing in this blog and will welcome the stories of others, with the intent of warning the world of this wonderful opportunity to invest and get kicked in the stomach or teeth and lose all you put into this going concern. I am concerned and intend to kick back. 

Do you know of any people who have been angered after having been so kicked? I would love to share your story with the world and hopefully kick this IBOM-ination out of existence, and may God forgive the so-called Christian, Bible-thumping swindlers who have hurt and damaged so many victims.

I know my account will be shut down and I will "lose" my account of over 318Billion BVK that is currently on "Administrative Hold" and frozen from earning any interest, frozen from use, because of the writings in this blog. I know (sniffle, choke, gasp) that IBOM will close my account and call me names. Still, I must do as my conscience dictates and tell the world that, in truth, I am losing nothing but vain promises, false account amounts, I am losing nothing. 

If 4 BVK can actually be converted to 1 USD, I'll gladly give ANYONE 6 BVK for every USD they can convert for me. That is $50 profit to them for every $100 they can help me retrieve from my IBOM account, if IBOM Support will allow it.

And if IBOM Support will allow the above, I WILL IMMEDIATELY RETRACT ALL I HAVE WRITTEN AND WILL PRAISE TO THE HIGH HEAVENS, TO THE WORLD, THROUGH WEBSITES, NEWS PRESS RELEASES, EVEN TV APPEARANCES  IF POSSIBLE, praising IBOM, declaring the goodness and worthiness of the whole King David Peii U-Vistract system, proclaiming my humble apologies. 

So, there you are. Unless IBOM converts me by converting BVK into USD or any other international currency OR...

I WILL DECLARE TO THE WORLD with blog, story and evidence the illegal fraud called IBOM and its perpetrators. I will, with MACE and others, work to bring down the scam, kicking and screaming, to die by the international sword of justice.

And my God have mercy on their souls.

I'll keep you posted. Good night (morning).

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Moving Onward and Upward - IBOM, GoodBye.

We-e-e-l-l-l, after about 5 years of dealing with ICC and then IBOM I have pretty much decided to not waste any more of my time on the matter.

Perhaps this is a mistake on my part but I can see no use throwing good time and effort away discussing a fruitless endeavor. According to all I've seen and heard even by some who have gone to the beautiful island of Bougainville and visited the "No-Go-Zone" where self-proclaimed King Peii II lives and preaches from the Bible, there is nothing to be obtained from the so-called financial system he has supposedly established. Anyone who can get online can write and post whatever s/he pleases and set up bank accounts into which others may make deposits. Once the money is in that account and is out of the depositors' hands there is nothing stopping the actual owner of the account from using that money any way s/he chooses, no matter what the original depositor says or does.

It is, after 4 years dealing with IBOM and speaking with others who also made deposits into that so-called "bank", my considered opinion that our money is spent and gone, lost to me irretrievably. Fortunately, I lost very little, quite unlike many others who lost thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars, pesos, euros, yen, etc. To those of you who are still hoping to receive anything of value from the IBOM system, my good wishes go out to you.

In the meanwhile, my offer will remain posted and valid for as long as my IBOM "account" shows enough BVK to fulfill my pledge. Remember, however, my offer is subject to IBOM "thawing" my frozen account, which, again, they placed on "Administrative Hold" because of what I have written in this blog. Imagine the Bank of Canada freezing an account with billions of CDN dollars in it just because you wrote a blog on the Internet! It is ludicrous.

But, that is IBOM Support for you.

If there is anyone who would like to take definitive action action against IBOM to attempt to shut them down and remove the threat to investors, I know my friend MACE would be willing to be of assistance. Having lost much to IBOM s/he is motivated to take these perpetrators of injustice to task. I'll help where I can, perhaps best by posting the results of your efforts and informing readers of anything that may benefit them.

I still say, contrary to what others think, that anything that sounds "too good to be true" is worth looking into closely. There are some miraculously fantastic offerings found in the world that are real. Perhaps you know of one or more. My motto is: When in question, ASK!

I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Enterprising Investment Counselor Converts BVK into USD

It is interesting how things come about in this "mortal veil", as Shakespear calls this life we all live in. The old saying, "What goes around, comes around" is the same as what the Prophets call "The Law of Return."

"What you send out returns unto you", they write, "pressed down, shaken together and running over." You might ask, "How exactly does this work?" Well...

The people who dreamed up The whole system that supports the International Bank Of Me'ekamui (IBOM) have sent out into the world what has every appearance of being a legitimate online banking system but which in reality provides nothing in return for the money deposited. Perhaps the creators of this ongoing development actually are altruistic in their efforts. I don't know. I have not met any of them.

I only know that every person I have been in contact with regarding IBOM who have been depositors have each been left wondering how to convert the currency of IBOM, the Bougainville Kina, into a currency they can use. I've never known anyone nor heard of anyone who has been successful. There are no known banks that accept and/or will do trade with BVK.

Nor have I found anyone willing to receive 10 Billion of my BVK in exchange for teaching me how to use any of the 344,064,005,726.42 BVK in my IBOM account. I know IBOM is aware of my offer because they monitor this blog, or at least they used to. This blog is the very reason my account is frozen in an Administrative Hold earning no interest and making my BVK inaccessible to my use.

So, my experience with IBOM tells me they are very defensive about people who cannot find ways to convert BVK into, say, USD and who write about it, asking questions and demanding answers. IBOM support does not take kindly to being questioned, I have found. They will just shut you out after a while of not being able to satisfy pointed, legitimate questions.

The question of "How do I convert my BVK into usable currency" has several answers. The only one I have heard of that actually worked is from a fellow who sold several "investors" on the idea of opening an account with IBOM and making some sizable deposits. The only trouble is that...(information removed by author)...this enterprising fellow spent their money.

(April 7, 2015 - I have been asked by the Attorney General to remove the information that discusses the alleged crime on the grounds that "we would not want someone involved with the trial to read it and be influenced by it in any way."
While I understand the motives behind the request to remove the information, I must say here that it is my desire to influence people with information so they do not lose their money like so many people have, many who have lost very large amounts of money, according to their reports to me. After the court case has been completed, I'll re-post the information. Cameron)

The only trouble arose when some of these "investors" tried to access and use some of their "earnings" in IBOM. They couldn't. No go. Zip. Nada. And the enterprising guy who "helped them" open an IBOM account could provide no satisfaction. He had spend their money so it was gone. Their only recourse was to contact the local Attorney General office and lodge a complaint.

This worthy Attorney General looked online, saw this blog, contacted me for what information I had to share (which is not much, admittedly) that he might be able to use in his law suite against that enterprising "investment counselor". He asked me if I knew others who might be able to help him and I turned him to "MACE", my friend who lost tens of thousands with IBOM. MACE has a load of documentation that is rather incriminating against the perpetrators of the IBOM system. He hoped this Attorney General might help him bring the IBOM Perps to justice. Alas, I fear that is beyond the realm of even a mighty State Attorney General office.

MACE has send his information to the FBI, the US Security and Exchange Commission and numerous other powerful entities, all of  home have left MACE unsatisfied. They did nothing. This means that, rather than being shut down, IBOM will continue being developed, looking more and more legitimate to the sad and potentially sorry people who will open IBOM accounts and place their hard earned or inherited money in the hands of the folks who promise great interest rates but provide nothing but great disappointment.

When enough people world wide discover the zero return of IBOM and the whole King David Pei II system -- MACE calls it a different name that rhymes exactly with my name (Cam) -- and those people squawk loudly enough then the "Reconstruction of Bougainville" will come crashing down around these people. There must come a time when people who take other people's money in exchange for years of unfulfilled promises are brought to face the results of their actions. Unfortunately, in the meanwhile, enterprising "investment counselors" have a legitimate looking website with which to convince their prey ... or rather, their potential "investors".

Of course, I admit that I might be wrong. Perhaps there are bankers out there in the South Pacific who will actually take BVK and trade them for South Pacific Sea Dollars or something much more valuable. It is just that no one has heard of my offer and contacted me in order to receive from IBOM 10 Billion of my BVK. I'll gladly instruct IBOM Support to pay out that amount in exchange for showing me how to use my BVK. If there is an airline that will take BVK as payment for services, that is something. Perhaps there is a copra producer who will take BVK as payment, I'll buy his whole crop at a good price. Then I can sell the copra for USD and take my losses or profits, whichever it is. The BVK are doing me no good just sitting in the bank earning no interest.

So there you are. You get to make up your own mind about this whole IBOM thing. I don't want to waste any more of my time on it.

In the meanwhile, my offer stands: if IBOM Support will allow it I will give 10 Billion of my BVK to anyone who can show me how to legitimately convert 1 billion BVK,...

Heck, let's sweeten the pot: I'll give 10 Billion BVK to anyone who can show me how to convert my BVK into 1 million USD worth of any other product or service or currency. Do we have a deal?

I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

IBOM and BVK Still Causing Questions not Answers

IBOM and BVK are still generating more questions than answers.

As you can see I have not written anything for quite a long period of time on the subject of IBOM, King David Peii II, Bougainville Kina (BVK) and what can be done with BVK. "Why would that be", you might ask? I'll answer you clearly: because I am convinced to my own satisfaction that there is no one in the world who has successfully converted BVK into any other currency or product of useful value, nor will there ever be.

Now, perhaps there are thousands of people who are converting their BVK into products and services through the Internet Catalog Club ( and, being successful they have no reason to read my little blog of questions and questionable opinions. They have no reason to contact me with their stories of success. Perhaps I'll offer them 10 billion reasons.

I hereby offer ten billion BVK to anyone who will help me duplicate their success in converting their BVK into goods, services or other international currency. That is my written offer, subject only to the agreement of IBOM Support who froze my account with an Administrative Hold due to my writings in this blog. If they will not release the BVK I cannot make good on my offer. If they will release the BVK and you can help me convert only one billion BVK from my IBOM account for my own use I hereby promise to gift to you 10Billion BVK upon the completion of my1Billion BVK conversion. That is a fair offer, isn't it?

"I have billions of BVK but I can't find a way to use any of them. Can you help me?"

I have received several emails and telephone calls (how do they get my personal phone #?) from people who are anxiously seeking definitive information about how to convert BVK into cash they can use. These people have great hopes, as I have had in the past, because of the promises that seemed at first to be fulfilled when the IBOM computer account showed huge interest earnings. Then, after months of frustrating periods of no results, meaning these people found they could not withdraw their "earnings", or even their original deposits which were "converted" to BVK, these people began to do deeper research online and they came upon this blog. So they contacted me directly or had their agent contact me to ask if BVK and IBOM are real or if they are pure scam?

Of course my answers are as you have already read: I cannot prove either way except for the fact that non-performance of promised benefits over a multi-year period certainly seems to be evidence that IBOM has not been on the "up-and-up", has not been true to promises. I would think that any "kingdom" that has piles of alluvial gold lying around would want to start using it for the benefit of at least the "King's" inner circle and to dig more gold out of the ground in order to get richer. They don't, though, as is evidenced in the writings of the bloggers who write about the land of Meekamui. They don't even back their BVK with gold refined from the Panguna mine that historically was one of the most productive mineral and metals mine in the world. Instead they claim the BVK are backed by unprocessed dirt which they claim has a lot of gold ore in it. But that has NEVER worked in the history of the world. No business person is going to take a bag or truck full of ore as payment unless the business receiving such payment is a smelting business. There are limited numbers of those.

So, unless IBOM is willing to ship thousands of tons of ore to a smelter and convert that ore to refined gold, their "gold-backed" BVK is valueless. It is backed by promises of a "king" who is struggling to be internationally recognized as the leader of a tiny island nation where many of the people of that nation do not recognize him as their governmental leader. He might be a really nice guy and a great christian preacher who knows his Bible. He still hasn't seemed to prove to the world that his BVK can be used for business on any level whatsoever. Not to what I have seen.

At least, no one has come forward yet to accept one of my offers or with proof that BVK have any market value at all. I would love, LOVE, LOVE for anyone to prove my opinions wrong and my BVK of real international market value.

My offer stands: help me convert or trade 1billion of my BVK into any form of marketable currency or product and I'll gift to you 10billion BVK, assuming IBOM Support cooperates and allows it. Otherwise I must hold to my unproven opinion that IBOM BVK is a fiat currency that is not even backed by an internationally recognized government or bank. Somebody, please prove me wrong.

I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

IBOM Might Not Die as Quickly as Some Might Wish

The following letter was sent to one whom I have considered to be a friend, who has treated me with a certain generosity, as I have thought, although the writer of this letter would certainly disagree. The writer would likely think the "generosity" offered me would be an event planned  to trap me into a future event that would strip me of certain wealth I have accumulated or might accumulate. I don't blame the writer for feeling such since s/he has, with "Mace" lost upwards to roughly $900,000. OUCH!!!

SO, here is the letter:
 The matter of the ibom scam will never die as you might have thought.
We have been recently in contact with some one in USA under the name of "BRAND HINLEY". His email is included above (sunri@#* He is pretending that ibom is real and that he is a strong supporter of the KING and his people. After several dialogue with BRAND (some were published in the blog you know about), I have no question that this coward scammer is hiding under false ID. I have no doubt that he is one of the BEN Young criminal gang, one of his dogs. They now have found a new misleading ground which is Roger Renaud. They claim that the fraud of RR is why the ibom is delaying and delaying.

Roger Renuad: It is absolutely true that your the FRAUD man of the year. However, you have nothing to do with ibom and you have never defrauded us. I salute you. I wish you could have defrauded those bastards for more and more money for what they did to others.

Flemming and your partner Carolin, you admitted fankly that ibom is fraud scam. You admitted in writing that the King himself is aware of the ibom fraud scam. Can you both deny that?
So whyis the King silent? and why the fake ID "BRAND HINLEY", the one dog of Ben Young, is stil marketing the fraud scam till today?

The fake ID BRAND, the dog of Ben Young, has been claiming (in writing) that the RCMP ROYAL MOUNTIES have been to Bougainville recently in order to investigate Roger Renaud's fraud matter. Is this true your Majesty or will you keep silent as usual? Did you meet with the Royal Mounties in Bougainville Island?

Not only that, but the dog of Ben Young, the fake ID BRANDY is claiming that the RUSSIAN MAFIA are now searching for Roger Renaud. What a lie !!. Is this true Mr RR?

RR: I salute you. I raise my hat. Do you know why? Because no one of those email holders above will dare report your fraud. Why? Because they are all fraud masters. They will open the can of worms once they report you. Enjoy their money Mr RR.

Your Majesty: I do not care you keep silent or not. Your silence means one thing. You are the main part of the scam and fraud.

Irene the thief the scammer: You will be captured very soon.
 What am I doing with my time now? Well, I am not doing a lot of writing about Bougainville and IBOM. Rio Tinto, Australia and PNG are still negotiating with the ABG (off-island supported local government "leaders") to reopen the pollution creating (for Bougainville) and massive wealth creating (for the off-islanders) Panguna mine. The female land owners and other residents seem very against the idea but they might be disregarded again just as the "little guy", or in this case the "little gal", almost always is. If the off-islanders keep their thinking-caps pressed on tightly they might remember the fire-fights waged and the lives lost (mostly local people) due to the disregarded demands of the local "rebels" who fought to drive away the African mercenaries hired by the Aussie, PNG and other off-island government "leaders".  Hopefully the lust for Panguna gold will not be the cause of another 20,000 deaths, neither on- or off-islanders. 

One of the claims that drew me to Bougainville and the B'ville Kina is that it is supposed to be gold backed. Well, I am now working to market gold of another source.

There are other sources of gold other than Panguna mine and there are other potential profitable businesses than IBOM. I hope and believe I have found one: Karatbars International, a Germany based company that refines, certifies and sells its own gold in 1-gram, 2.5-gram and 5-gram bars. The little bars of 999.9% pure solid gold are sealed in credit-card sized signed certificates of authenticity. These are easy to buy and sell, are easy to carry  and are even easy to use as legal tender for small transactions anywhere around the world.
The small bars of gold are lightweight and therefore are of small enough denomination value that they can be used as currency for the smallest business transaction. The little gold bars retain their value no matter what happens to the local paper currency therefore they are the best form of portable currency. A single gram of gold can be used to buy gas or groceries, a dress or a box of diapers. Gold is inflation and deflation-proof. It retains its value for long term holding and wealth protection such as for retirement, and for short-term needs preparation such as for emergencies or national financial crises.
I am learning to market Karatbars online around the world. Such a business is perfect for people such as I who am locked to my bed so often due to spinal cord injury neurological pain issues that keep me from regular employment. Most employers don't like employees who don't show up for work 2-3 days a week, no matter the reasonable "excuse". Assuming I can be as successful in this business as others are in their online endeavors I will be able to pay off my debts and take care of my Sweetheart  and prepare for retirement which is rapidly coming upon us, my wife and I being respectively 59 and 58 years of age. 
I must do something to provide a worthwhile product and service to people and to earn a worthy and substantial income that will serve our needs now and in the retirement years. I am not a good sales person. I've proven that often over the working decades of my life. Therefore what I do must basically "do itself", sell itself, explain itself, close itself. Very few people are not already sold on the value and safety of gold as an investment. The opportunity to buy gold and the opportunity to be a "golden affiliate" are two opportunities that don't take a whole lot of high-pressure selling, if you know what I mean. 

So, my time is being used in learning the Karatbars "Golden Opportunity".  Perhaps you are considering joining me?

I'll keep you posted.
Cameron Sevy

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Ultimate Secret of the Ultra Rich

Hello, Friends, 
I subscribe to a free newsletter written by Bill Bonner and his family. It is found at
There is a lot of information shared in this sometimes rambling newsletter. I'm sure he basically sits and rambles sometimes but very often the rambling is very worthwhile and interesting. Below is one such "rambling" that I thought I'd share with you. It is dated January 24, 2014.

Family Wealth Series
The Ultimate Secret
of the Ultra Rich
All the information is very generic and non-specific except that it relates directly to application of principles that, when applied in the long years of living, this generic information becomes very specific and yields very, very valuable family wealth. 

Dear Reader,

What separates the rich from the rest of us? "They have more money," said Hemingway.

But how did they get it? How do they hold onto it? That's a bit more complicated.

I recently drove through a working class neighborhood in Baltimore called Dundalk. It is an area of simple one- and two-story wooden houses on small lots. Fifty years ago, it was where Baltimore's industrial labor force lived. They worked in industry – for Bethlehem Steel, General Motors, The B&O Railroad and in the busy harbor.

Today, those high-wage industries are mostly silent and rusting. Some sites along the water have been converted to loft apartments for Baltimore's young professionals. And some of the children and grandchildren have moved away – to the suburbs or to other cities.

But most of them are still there. Their parents and grandparents earned a good living. But few got rich. And now, few of their descendants are rich either.

Across town in the rich "old" northern suburbs of Roland Park and Ruxton the people are different. The rich left the city many years ago. But in these green suburbs they remain. Some richer. Some poorer. But, by and large, the same people whose parents were there 50 years ago.

What accounts for it?
How come some families stay rich generation after generation, while others never have a nickel?

"Culture," you will say. "Education," perhaps. You won't be wrong. But what, specifically, about culture and education is it that makes such a big difference in outcomes?

Simply put, you might say the secret is that these "Old Money" families take the long view. But there is something deeper and more important.
These families know how to turn time into an ally instead of an enemy.  

They have worked out very specific strategies that use time to boost investment returns (much higher rates of return... with lower risk).
And they have worked out ways to use time to prepare the family to not only protect money... but to make it grow.

This is why they invest in education and training. And why they make sure family members add to their collective wealth, rather than subtracting from it. It is why they try to guide their children to suitable spouses. They know that a rotten apple will spoil the barrel.

It is why they spend time and money on lawyers and accountants, too – making sure that the structures are in place to pass along wealth and protect it. It is why they prefer deep value assets over momentum investing. Over time, value rises to the top. Momentum slows. [They invest based upon actual returns instead of averages. They know averages very often do not equal actual returns] 

It is why they will wait a long time – many, many years – for the right investment at the right price. It is why they like investments with long-term payoffs – such as timber, mining and infrastructure. And it's how they are able to benefit from compound growth – letting relatively modest gains grow over several generations.

It is why they are almost fanatical about eliminating costs – taxes, investment charges and unrewarding living expenses. They know that wear and tear, over time, will wreck their family fortunes. It is why they develop long-lasting partnerships with the professionals they need to make sure their interests are protected and their plans are carried out.

Let me ask you something. If you thought you'd live forever, would you do anything different?

Wouldn't your attitude to your money change a little? Wouldn't you slow down, realizing that you're not in such a hurry to make money? And wouldn't you reduce your spending too – knowing that your money would have to last you a long, long time?

The truly wealthy are careful to spend their money on things that hold their value over time. It is why they do not trade in and out of investments. Instead, they find a few positions and stick with them – for decades. [In this way compounding can take its miraculous effect]

It is also why they prepare their families, over the course of many, many years, so that they will be prepared for the challenge of managing and enlarging the family wealth. This is what separates the serious money from the here-today-gone-tomorrow crowd. The serious money knows there's a lot more to successful wealth building... especially over the long run... than just stock picking.

Instead of trying to control the uncontrollable - the returns you get from stocks - they are focused on what they can control.

Of course, most really wealthy families have a family office somewhere in the background making sure these things are on track. And without someone dedicating time to making these things happen, they often don't. Most generational wealth transfers fail. Money that was hard earned is lost through poor investment decisions and lack of planning.

When it comes down to it, you might say that successful families do all the things unsuccessful families don't want to do. [because it takes actual long term thinking!]

These things take work. But if you're determined to keep wealth in the family, the sooner you start on them, the better.


Bill Bonner
Diary of a Rogue Economist

This is the end of this dialogue about IBOM

IBOM is an enigma of sorts. It is the brainchild of a man who lives in the mountains of Bougainville Island protected by armed guards. Of course, every head of state is protected by armed guards. The leaders of every nation I know has his or her not so secret service agents strategically placed wherever they go so the armed guards of the "King of Panguna Mine" are nothing unusual.

The currency of the International Bank Of Meekamui (the ancient native name of the Kingdom of Bougainville Island) is the Bougainville Kina (BVK) and is claimed to be backed by the wealth of the island -- alluvial gold and other precious and semi-precious metals and minerals of the earth -- which are found in abundance on Bougainville. This is unusual in that every other nation or bank that prints money establishes its currency securely upon the government's ability to tax the people enough to pay the nation's or the bank's debt.

Each currency bill is a debt instrument that basically says "the bank will pay" to the holder the named amount, but what will the bank pay? Gold? Silver? No. The bank will just replace the presented bill with other bills, for example a $100 bill will be replaced with 5 $20 bills or 10 $10 bills. But the Bougainville Kina paper bills supposedly are backed by alluvial gold held by IBOM. The question is: where is the gold?

The answer is: in the land owned/controlled by the King and the People of Meekamui. So are BVK a secure financial instrument? I suppose that depends on whether or not the people trust in it as the people of Papua New Guinea trust their Papua Kina which are backed by debt and taxes, not by the gold that the government does not hold. Which Kina is more secure in your point of view -- the wealth-backed BVK or the debt/taxes backed PNGKina?

We are told IBOM is distributing BVK to its account holders and, if I am correct, it is buying alluvial gold using BVK. That is truly banking on gold which makes for a secure bank and currency and account holder, as long as the bank does not over-extend itself and go into debt.

I am not a banker. I only know that I deposited some cash and a couple promissory notes into a high yield account and let it accumulate interest for a year. Then I tried to use some of the vast amount of BVK I was told are in my account but was unable. Perhaps I asked the wrong people but no one I asked who did business on Bougainville wanted anything to do with BVK. I began to question in this blog whether IBOM is a legitimate bank and my account was placed on "Administrative Hold" because I was "talking bad about IBOM". I've not earned a single BVK in interest since nor have I been able to find anyone who wants to do business using my BVK as capital if IBOM would release my account for use.

I've offered my BVK to the King to use to pay people to mine the gold and minerals out of Panguna Mine which he holds but I've received no response from either himself or any of  his employees, i.e. the IBOM Support team who placed my account on hold because of what they read in this blog. I know they read the blog because they have emailed me about it quite recently. My offer to the king stands. My BVK remain available to be used to increase the wealth of the kingdom and the bank.

I have offered to do business with Bougainville copra growers, produce growers, and manufacturers on the island who will sell their copra/produce/products to me in exchange for my BVK but no one has stepped forward to receive FULL RETAIL PRICE for their wares. Perhaps I need to contact them individually.

I've written about a distressed IBOM account holder who personally and with some friends deposited close to a million USD into IBOM accounts and now is convinced he and his friends have lost their money. This depositor has shared with me some of the responses he received from IBOM Support. Instead of being reaffiriming, consoling and confirming that IBOM will fulfill their promises and the deposits are safe and secure, the emails were accusatory, defensive and threatening. From a gold-backed international banker? No, the emails sounded more like they were written by an immature, teenager clerk. I cannot blame Mace for being distressed.

It was similar to my experience wherein I was asking IBOM Support how to contact the Autonomous Bougainville Government business licensing department to ask them directly if they would take BVK in payment for a license instead of USD. Instead of just giving me the requested information I was argued with, put off and put down. I wrote about it in this blog, among other things such as a USA bank that was in contact with IBOM to negotiate dealings but IBOM would not respond to the banker's requests, so he told me when I called the bank directly. When I wrote my experiences and findings in this blog I was told I was "talking bad about IBOM" and was threatened with closure of my account.

I erased all my previous blog entries and my account was not closed but was frozen in Administrative Hold where it has been, earning no interest, for at least a year and a half now. Perhaps I will not be allowed to use my BVK even if I can find another IBOM account holder who is willing to receive BVK in payment. I don't know.

The only way to prove a currency is to use it as legal tender in a business exchange. I need to find a Bougainville islander or an IBOM account holder who will receive BVK in payment for goods or services. That is all there is to it so that is what I will strive to do. There is no use writing any more about whether or not IBOM is legitimate.

If I can do business with BVK I'll let you know. Otherwise I will write about other things that I know are legitimate and profitable and provide financial hope to those who put their trust and labor into those things. Some examples of these things are:

1. Infinite Family Banking - a process where a family can save money in the most save, secure, high interest paying financial instrument through which that family can do infinite banking, borrowing and earning, thus retaining and accumulating wealth that becomes a trans-generational family financial legacy.

2. Prescription Discount Service where a person can save large percentages on their prescription medications and can also earn increasing amounts weekly by sharing the Discount Service with others. See and www.RealProsperityNow.US

These two financial instruments are two of thousands, tools by which a person or a family or a company can create financial hope, wealth and security in this world of trials and tears. I am working both of these tools right now because, after studying them both I have found them to be real services that guarantee benefit to the participants. They are based upon real desirable products and services that provide real profits for every participant along the way -- Win-Win-Win for the provider, the sales people and the recipients.

In the meanwhile, regarding IBOM and BVK, if anything comes of it ...

I'll keep you posted.
Cameron Cv

Interesting Dialogue between Mace and Rand

I have been privileged to be a witness to an interesting dialogue between two friends.

Mace has been an active participant on this blog and in my personal emails. Mace reported, as I understand it, that he invested as much as $860,000 USD into IBOM and has not received as much as a penny in return. He reports to have documents in hand that prove the King, IBOM and all of the team to be scammers who also got scammed by one Canadian, Roger Renaud.

Brand is a founder of the ICC and reports that he is working closely with the King and IBOM to bring their promises to fruition. Brand has always treated me with respect and, to my perception, honesty and integrity. I have found Brand to be very direct, blunt and at times a bit more "earthy" in his language than I would wish. If he is snowing me he is doing it in a way that has not cost me anything, so I wonder.

Here is a portion of a Q&A dialogue exchange they cc'd to me via email. It begins with Mace responding in blue text to Brand 's questions from a past email in black print; Then we have Brand 's responses in red text :

I am answering your questions (below), copying our friend CAM and waiting for you to answer mine as promised.
Where did you get those documents?

The King and his allies were aware I got most of the documents from Roger himself. R R tried his charming scams and wanted to defraud us again. We were in exploring mission with him. Hasn't the King and his fraud allies told you about that issue? I went to EU head office to confirm the files. The files were fraud.

We investigated along with the EU, the German government, Interpol, the Canadian government and the US government and found the same thing. 

What have you lost of date using IBOM?
we lost at least 860,000.00 USD. We lost our credibility and reputation while introducing new clients to the fraud scam. we lost relationship with past friends.

Did you give this directly to the King, Ben Young or me? No you gave this to rr. Even though I am sorry you were hoodwinked by him I can not pay you back because the King, Ben Young nor I saw one sue of that money nor did we ask for you to give the King any money. If you are a card carrying member of the ICC you may recoup your losses by evoking 7070. If you do not know what that is ask Cam.

Do you have an account with IBOM?
Yes, if you consider an account with a non-existent bank a real account.
Do you consider yourself alive or the figment of God's imagination? I know that IBOM exist as I assume you know you do.

Have you read the Bougainville Constitutional International Banking Law as posted on
Yes. I thought it was well written for a non-existent nation that isn't even on the UN list of existing nations and the bulk of the populace does not recognize Musingku as the legitimate government.

The people of Bougainville Island, as well as 125 other indigenous people nations, believe they are an independent and that the King is one of the sovereign leaders if not the sovereign leader of Bougainville Island. That is what the [2015] referendum will determine. They do not understand how ignorant fu@#rs like you don't think so too.

Do you agree with the BVK White Paper?
No. The nation and the bank must exist before the white papers provisions can have effect in the economy.
Well for 30,000 years Bougainville Island has been inhabited by the Aboriginal people (first people) but one could say it did not belong to them because some governing body like the UN said they were too naive and child like to manage their own affairs. The big countries of the world wanted the riches that lie underneath the ground of Bougainville so they took away their right to choose. Are you someone who spent money (860k) to help the people of Bougainville or you another one of the greedy f^@#s who wants to herd all the naive child-like natives up and ship them from paradise to the desert of Australia. That is what Rio Tinto, PNG, and the Australian government tried to do.

The CBOB was Roger Renaud's brain fart not the King's. just to keep the record straight.
If you say so, then ibom was Musingku's brain fart, Ben Young's brain fart and also RANDY Henderson's brain fart.

Actually Ben Young ... can[not] take credit for IBOM. It was first the local bank of the King and became an International Virtual Bank dealing in only BVK later.

CBOB and any bank associated with rr is a fraud and a sham. Tell all your friends to stay away from it and use lots of soap and wash carefully if they have come in contact with CBOB or rr. 

Now it is your turn and our friend CAM can be the witness.

I hope Cam also witnessed how pathetically stupid you are and how big a greedy f^@# you are but don't loose heart we have a cure for stupid it is called 7070.

Being a greedy f^@# only god can help you with that.

God Bless
So, the dialogue had ended somewhat except Mace is convinced that Brand is also a scammer and a fraud, a liar to me and everyone else regarding IBOM. 
The process Brand referred to called "7070" is a process offered by ICC to members who feel they have been ripped off by another Member. The damaged member can apply to ICC for restitution of the loss. IF ICC AGREES they will give to the damaged member an in-club currency called "CHIPS",
“CHIPS” is an acronym for “Commercial High Increase Protection Savings Points”, similar, they say, to "airline saving miles". These CHIPS can be exchanged with another ICC member for either product the damaged member may want or currency of the member's choice, according to their mutual agreement. The trouble is finding another member who actually has anything worth trading for the CHIPS.

Mace might apply to ICC for $860,000 CHIPS and ICC might gift them to Mace. After that Mace has to find another ICC member with whom to trade. It might work out.
Not having the documents that Mace says he has that proves IBOM and King Peii II (Musingku) to be the frauds that PNG declare them to be, and not having the personal relationships with ICC founders and IBOM founders that Brand states he has, I am too ignorant of facts to make any declarations. 
All I can do is spout that each land should have independence according to the will of the people and they should have the right to have their own stable currency backed by the wealth of their land. I can also ask questions and invite participation. 

Also, having an IBOM account and ownership of a large amount of Bougainville Kina, I can declare that I hope they will be useable, legal tender with which to fund profitable businesses on island and off island.

So, there we have it.
I'll keep you posted.
Cameron Cv

Monday, January 20, 2014

What Does the Future Hold for Bougainville, for IBOM, for BVK?

I received an email from "Mace" today in response to my last blog. Here is a part of his response:
I am disappointed. I read the last post. You are still going over and over the same old story. It is clear, for me, that you still believe in RAND and his stories.
There is also one incorrect item in your post. You mentioned that RR defrauded us in 840,000.000. That is not true. RR never defrauded us. RR was not there in the scene at that time. RR simply found out about ibom fraud and decided to defraud the ibom fraud MASTERS, and he did. That is the truth. They are now making RR their scape goat.
 My reply to Mace is below, perhaps only partially answering the issues of fraud he brings up:

RR thought he would go in and scam the IBOM scammers and he did perpetrate a scam that cost IBOM millions of dollars, it would seem. But is IBOM truly a scam or it is a legitimate project that is being held up from succeeding by the efforts of government usurpers who want to control the Bougainville government and the island for their own profit? PNG controls the Autonomous Bougainville Government, the B'ville utilities, the virtually non-existent B'ville military, the banks, the currency, the land. Why? Are the people of B'ville too stupid to rule themselves now?

I do believe Bougainville should be an independent nation in its own right and with its own curency. Each land and people have that right. That is my belief.

Mace also wrote: 
You promised to enter the dialogue (Q & A) between me and Rand into the blog. Where is that?
I will post your dialogue with Rand, as you wish, in my next post.  

As for your $860K, I gather it was "invested" in an IBOM high yield account without RR's assistance. Did you get involved with ICC first who led you  to IBOM? That is what happened to me.

Now ICC promises, for example, 70% discounts on any purchase by means of some sort of profitable transaction that is funded by the purchase of ICC Tickets-USD worth 30% of the cost of the product you want to purchase, for example a $35,000 vehicle. The 30% ($10,500USD) is deposited in an account in a Fides bank in Mexico ( and is used, as I understand it, by some professional trader(s) to create profits that pay for the car and, I imagine, much more that the trader(s) keep for themselves. They get free money to trade with and you get a 35,000 vehicle for $10,500.

Is this for real? Does it work? ICC says it does. I don't know anyone who knows anyone who has done it, but then I haven't asked. It sounds like it could work if the professional traders are successful and don't lose the $10,500.

Back to Bougainville, It also sounds like the King could use the un-mined, but proven to be there, wealth of the land to support and back the BVK that the King is printing and spreading around Bougainville from his little wooden building with "International Bank Of Meekamui" printed on the sign over the door. Why couldn't he? All other nations use air to back their fiat currencies, don't they? Air and taxes on future production and profits. That is what back fiat currencies. Why can't Bougainville back their currency with gold to be mined and smelted in the future then purchased with BVK? Why not?

"Alluvial gold". That is what the king and IBOM are claiming is backing the BVK and there are millions of trillions of BVK worth of alluvial "gold in them thar hills". This is the claim of the King and it would seem he is right. Otherwise why would Rio Tinto and PNG and Australia be so interested in re-opening Panguna mine for themselves?

Why should PNG control Bougainville government and their use of the land and the creation of their own currency? Why should England have control over the Americas or India or Hong Kong as they did? No, each land should be independent, according to the true and just desires of the people, even if only 30% of the people actually express their desires, with the rest being too lazy to go out to vote. You know how it is.

You know, with the way national governments are scamming the people through their legal national and international banks that print phony money that USED TO BE backed by gold and silver, I can't see but that those banks want to squash any bank that actually offers to back their currencies with gold. It makes the fiat banks look like what they are -- looters and thieves. History has proven time and again how fiat money robs the middle class and the poor especially, but also the middle rich lose their wealth because of the inflation and taxes.

Finally the currency dies and has to be replaced and only those who own real wealth come out ahead. People who trusted the banks and the promises of the debt-ridden government lose everything and have to begin again from scratch. And scratching for a living on the "Road of Hard Knocks" is exceptionally difficult. If the currency had been backed by gold and silver the people holding the paper currency could trade it in for real wealth -- gold, silver -- and begin again from there. We all know this is why currencies should be backed by real wealth and not just air and future taxes.

So! The question remains: will IBOM be successful in establishing BVK as an accepted economic basis of wealth in Bougainville and therefore also with other nations who do business with B'ville business people? If off-island banks and businesses can trust that BVK is truly backed by real wealth such as precious metals and marketable products, BVK will be an accepted currency around the world. I am told that is exactly what the King and IBOM are trying to establish.

Some other questions are: how will this be accomplished and who will help them succeed in their quest?

Answers to those questions seem to me to be: A) it will be accomplished by the people working to produce marketable goods and services and be willing to be paid in BVK; B) the people who will help IBOM succeed will be business people, laborers and bankers, both on-island and off-island. If PNG had, for example, declared that BVK was accepted as legal tender in their economy a large step would have been made toward increasing the strength of both PNG and B'ville economies. People like you and me who are holding huge amounts of BVK could have hired thousands of PNG laborers to complete hundreds of projects that would benefit millions of people.

Instead of pushing economies forward, PNG put the clamps on the chains that hold their own economy down by declaring that BVK are illegal within PNG boundaries. In the opinion of this writer PNG's decision and actions are foolish, damaging and constitute a crying shame, an absolute crying shame!

If Bougainville is successful in declaring and establishing its independence it will succeed in establishing its currency. If the people will continue to live by  a God-based morality in their homes and their businesses, abiding by the 10 Commandments and the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ as found in the New Testament, the nation will prosper and thrive. They will live by proven sound, true and just principles and most likely they will demand their governors to abide by those same principles. In these principles true abundance and liberty abide and wealthy prosperity abounds. History has proven this time and time again.

This is my hope for Bougainville as well as for the Americas, the European Union, India, Pakistan and all the -stans, all of Asia and the Pacific Isles, indeed, it is my hope and prayer for all the peoples of the earth.

And I am still hoping for a business partner with whom to use my BVK in a profitable business enterprise.

I'll keep you posted.